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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is the best place to get Mp3 Players?

A. We like Fry's, Wal-Mart, Amazon. or Best Buy

How do I get my music from the computer to the player?

A. You will need a USB cable and a USB port on your computer.  Plug in the cable, oped the folder where you have your music, click on the songs you want to transfer and drag over to your player.  The computer will see your player and another memory device and assign it it's own letter like  'E''

What other formats can I use on my player

A. Generally for your player, Mp3 is the dominant format.  However you can look into WMA

How do I get my Mp3 music in my car?

A Buy a Mp3 CD type player and replace your current deck

When do the next years models come out?

A Generally you will see them 2 times a year.  In October for the pre-Christmas rush and then again in early summer.

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What types of players are out there?

A. Well, the first choice you have to make is either FLASH or Disk Drive based storage.  The Disk Drive based players will hold all your stuff and then some.  The Flash based players are cheaper, yet will hold only a few hours of songs.  The Flash type ore lighter more portable and and smaller.

Are there many new players coming out from China?

A Oh my gosh yes.  Over 500 different models. But from what we have seen, the quality is not so good

Can you get custom made Mp3 players for the business?

A YES  Several new companies will print your company logo on the player.  Usually all of them are flash based players and low storage capacity.  But either way...a great give away for corporations.

Where do I go for more reviews?

A C-net, ZD Net, PC mag, stereo reviewOr just find one of the links to the side here for many other good sites.

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